Staycation at Hotel Boss For Singapore

Are you thinking of staying at Singapore Hotels? I can recommend you to one of the best in town. Since I am a person who loves staycation the most, I will share with you a hotel that is fabulous for your staycation moments. It is Hotel Boss.

Staycation at Hotel Boss is the perfect choice for you. There are several reasons why I recommend this hotel to you. As you know that there are lots of Singapore Hotels you can stay at for your staycation, this hotel is perfect for you because of the following things.

Staycation Approved

Most of the travel websites give Hotel Boss this label: Staycation Approved. This label will not come for no reason. When you do your research about this hotel you will read thousands of reviews about how they admire the hotels. By this label, you can imagine how great the hotel is.

The standard facilities such as toiletries, Wifi, Air Conditioner, and other basic things you don’t need to ask. Everything is well-prepared and you can ask for assistance from the staff as long as you need it. This is one of the reasons why most travel websites give this label.

Amazing Pool Area

Staycation means staying at a hotel and enjoying your time with all of the facilities and services they offer. One of the facilities you can enjoy at Hotel Boss is its amazing pool area. The pool is very huge, well-maintained, well-organized, and the most important thing is clean. What can make you happy from enjoying public facilities in a hotel? Its cleanliness.

Rooms with Balcony

I am a person who loves to experience things in fairy tales. Let's say, having a room with a balcony is one of my dreams. Well, if I cannot make it to my own house (not yet. LOL), I can make it by staying at a hotel whose rooms have balconies. I chose Hotel Boss.

For me, a room with a balcony is somewhat iconic. Remember when I said that a well-designed building is important (for my Instagram feeds)? Thus, this hotel suits me a lot.

Great Foods

Not only about the taste, great foods are related to the right portion and also the right price. You can have these great foods at Papasan 17 on the first floor of Hotel Boss. This hotel offers you Asian and Western foods as well. You can have your breakfast peacefully by enjoying the great foods here.

Helpful Staff

How do you feel when your first step into the hotel is welcomed nicely? This first move must touch your heart. This is what you will get at Hotel Boss. All of the staff are very welcoming and friendly. They are also very helpful.

During your activities at the front office, such as check-in or check out, you do not need to wait for a long time. They work as quickly as lightning. They are outstanding and very dedicated. I would like to say thank you for all of their work. So, do not hesitate to come to Hotel Boss. There are lots of best deals as you can use Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers when you check this hotel out. Told ya!


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