4 Early Signs of Diabetes Feet to be Aware Of Before Getting Worse

Senin, 20 September 2021
4 Early Signs of Diabetes Feet to be Aware Of Before Getting Worse

Early signs of diabetes feet are very important to know mainly if you tend to have high blood sugar levels. Diabetes feet itself is a term that refers to a condition of a wound on feet that is not easily healed. It is because your blood is not capable enough to clot as it has been damaged by the sugar excess.

When diabetes suffers from diabetes feet, it means that the condition has been worse. Sure, there is still a possibility that the wound is healed sooner or later. But the possibility is quite small. Therefore, make sure to acknowledge some early signs of diabetes feet below to get and undergo the right treatments.

Darkening Skin

One of the early signs is that the skin is getting darkened. This condition is caused by insulin resistance. The insulin resistance itself means that the insulin hormone no longer can support the absorption of glucose to cells and organs. Consequently, the glucose is just accumulated in your blood and this is how the unhealed wound happens. Besides, insulin resistance also causes some changes in the skin including tone. Well, it is getting darker anyway.

Thick and Swollen Skin

The next sign commonly seen after the darkening skin is that your skin feels tighter and swelling. The main cause is just the same, it is because of insulin resistance. Be aware that your skin feels hard and coarse when it is touched.  Moreover, if it is also getting bigger and swelling at the same time, it can be a sign of diabetes.

Feeling Painful

You can try to touch and press your feet area a little bit harder. If it feels painful, you must be careful. Make sure to treat your body particularly your feet well so that it is not accidentally injured. The pain is because of the blood that has been “full" of glucose. Not only is it damaged but also other parts around including flesh and skin. At this stage, you have actually been with diabetes feet. But you just don’t realize it as your skin is not wounded.

Feeling Numb

Most diabetes patients tend to feel pain in the feet area when they get diabetes. However, some others don’t feel the same. Instead of being painful, they even cannot feel their feet at all. But sure, it is not a good feeling or condition. Your feet may not be moved easily so that it just inhibits your activity. Since none of them is better, there is no other choice than to apply a healthy lifestyle to prevent early signs of diabetes feet.


That's 4 Early Signs of Diabetes Feet to be Aware Of Before Getting Worse and the Diabetes Causes.